Our Lady of Peace


Volunteer Catechists are the life blood of our Religious Education program at OLP. Parish members from all age groups volunteer on Sunday mornings and evenings to provide quality spiritual training for our young people. We are always in need of more volunteers to teach or be a substitute.

Our current catechist are:

Kindergarten- Ashley Marino
First grade- Julie Smialowski
Second grade- Claire West and Mary Brooks
Third grade- Jessica Munch
Fourth grade- Rebecca Sheriff and Jennifer Pfeffer
Fifth grade- Robin Keisel

Sixth grade- Lindsey Kilmer
Seventh grade- Mary Lakari and Theresa Rodrigues
Eighth grade- Dave Heintzel and Rick Tome
Ninth grade- Jason Koshinskie
Tenth grade- Bob Koshinskie, Kristin Stravinsky

Our confirmation team is as follows:
JoAnn and Scott Barnes, Warren Beaver, Laura DiBacco, Darrell Meyers, Amy Parini, Dominic Sissini, Elizabeth Smith and Fr. David Renne

  • Catechist Handbook (1.22 MB)
  • Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!

    Please contact the Faith Formation office at 838-9983 for more information.