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Recent OLP News

Virtual Respect Life Conference

The Social Justice and Life Office of the Diocese of Erie presents a virtual conference on Saturday, October 24th from 9:30am - 1:00pm via zoom. See the flyer for details on this wonderful opportunity to learn more.

Register by Wed., October 21st at

NET Ministries visits Our Lady of Peace

OLP was blessed to have a visit from NET providing service to the church while in the area for a few days. Visit to learn more about the young missionaries that serve with NET and the work they do in sharing the gospel message with youth throughout the country.

65th Anniversary "Acts of Kindness and Formation" Parish Challenge

In honor of our 65th Anniversary parishioners are challenged to fill our rosary with acts of kindness and formation.

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Contending with Coronavirus

Explore our Spiritual Resources page to help pray and stay connected as we cope with the effects of COVID-19

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