St Joseph: History and Devotion

Parish series exploring the life of St. Joseph, his titles, and the church's devotion to this holy man.

Videos In This Series

  1. March 18th (Thursday) - Introduction to Saint Joseph
  2. March 19th (Friday) - Joseph Protector of the Church
  3. March 22nd (Monday) - Joseph Most Chaste
  4. March 25th (Thursday) - Joseph Most Just
  5. March 29th (Monday) - Joseph Lover of Poverty
  6. April 5th (Monday) - Joseph Model of Workers
  7. April 8th (Thursday) - Joseph Most Obedient and Head of Holy Family
  8. April 12th (Monday) - Joseph Most Prudent
  9. April 15th (Thursday) - Joseph Mirror of Patience
10. April 19th (Monday) - Joseph Most Faithful
11. April 22nd (Thursday) - Joseph Terror of Demons
12. April 26th (Monday) - Joseph Patron of Dying and Solace of the Afflicted
13. May 1st (Saturday) - Joseph Chaste Guardian of Virgins and Pillar of Families